All the products purchased on will be delivered by a reliable business courier to ensure safe, fast and secure shipment to the customer.

Please read the following notes to avoid problems with orders:

What to check before signing for/accepting deliveries:
 Check that the number of the boxes is equal to that marked on the bill of lading (or delivery note of the courier);
 Check that the labels affixed to the boxes display the correct address
 Check that there are no external signs of damage to the boxes, or that the boxes have not been tampered with in any way (for example non-original tape sealing the boxes)

If the delivery does not satisfy the above conditions, you should make a note on the courier’s delivery note describing the nature of the problem.

You may accept or refuse the shipment but ensure that reasons for refusal are clearly written on the delivery note (eg partial delivery, incorrect address, packing damaged etc) and that both you and the courier have a copy.

What to do if the internal packing is damaged or not found in the presence of the courier
If, on opening a package, the goods are found to be damaged, you must notify customer support at Doctors Orders, either by fax or e-mail, not more than 5 working days after receipt of the goods (as indicated on the delivery note) to obtain a returned material authorization Returned Materials Authorisation (RMA) Nº.

In any event, the customer must send a letter to Doctors Orders by recorded delivery to call for an authorization to return the goods to Doctors Orders. The request must contain the following information:

 All the data about the shipment: consignment note, delivery note, Doctors Orders code Number and quantity of the of the product(s) in question
 The description of the damage as discovered on opening the box

Having confirmed the shipment details with the courier, Doctors Orders will issue to the customer an authorization number (RMA) for the return of the damaged goods. Doctors Orders will also arrange for replacement goods to be sent to satisfy the order.

It should be understood that any report of damage or other delivery problem received after 8 calendar days from the receipt of the goods will not be accepted.

For information, e-mail:

Who has the Right to Return?
Right-to-Return is granted to “End-User” buyers, i.e. people or organisations that buy products from Doctors Orders Ltd for their own use. Individuals, traders or commercial entities that buy goods for re-sale to third-parties are excluded.

What is the Right to Return?
Every end-user buyer of goods from Doctors Orders Limited has the right to cancel a purchase order and/or return the product received within 10 days of the date of PO or date of receipt of the goods. On cancellation of a pre-paid PO or return of the received item to the seller, Doctors Orders Limited will reimburse in full the amount paid.

Furthermore if the product received does not perform satisfactorily within 3 months of purchase, the buyer has the right to return the product for a full refund.

If a purchased item is provided with a “free gift”, both the purchased item and the free gift must be returned together.

How to make a return
Prior to return, please contact Doctors Orders Limited and ask for a “Returned Materials Authorisation” Number (RMA). When contacting Customer Services ensure that you have the following references to hand:

 Original Invoice (stating Order Number, Invoice Number and Customer Number
 In case of part-return, please state the code Nº of the returned item
 Bank references to be used for the refund (i.e. sort code, account Number and account name)

If you wish to contact the Customer Services by post please send by recorded delivery a letter stating the above details and the reason you wish to return the item to:
Doctors Orders Limited, 34A Nether Hall Road, Doncaster, DN1 2PZ.

How to send the returned item(s) back to Doctors Orders Limited
On receipt of the recorded letter we shall issue the RMA Number for the return of the item/items. The customer must return the item within 15 days of receipt of RMA to:
Doctors Orders Limited, 34A Nether Hall Road, Doncaster, DN1 2PZ.

Returned goods must be packed carefully and adequately including any interior packaging to protect the surfaces of the products and attached labels and ensure safe arrival at Doctors Orders Limited.

The RMA Number must be clearly displayed on the outside of the package and on any accompanying documents. Doctors Orders Limited reserves the right to refuse packages returned without the RMA Number.

Doctors Orders Limited recommends customers to return packages using carriers that issue a tracking Number to ensure traceability up to the point of signature upon arrival.

Doctors Orders Limited can accept no responsibility for the carriage of the goods from the customer to Doctors Orders Limited offices. All risks and responsibility for safe carriage and delivery to Doctors Orders Limited are to the account of the sender.

Warning: Doctors Orders Limited reserves the right not to accept returned goods if:

 They are not returned in the original packaging or complete with all accessories and manuals
 They are returned with damaged original packaging, accessories and manuals
 The products have been damaged, tampered with or show signs of wear-and-tear
 They have been returned without following the procedures set forth above and by the Customer Service manager
 They are returned after the stated 15-day period after issue of the RMA
 In any such cases, cost of return to the customer shall be to the account of the customer

If the above procedure is followed correctly, Doctors Orders Limited will refund any monies due to the customer within 30 days of the date of receipt of the returned item less any original shipment costs and any eventual repairs occasioned through damage or misuse.

If you require any assistance please contact us on 01302 73 83 73 or e-mail us on