About Doctors Orders

Doctors Orders has concentrated on establishing a huge variety of items to provide the greatest possible choice to our customers. The products cover a wide range of medical specialties, for example gynaecology, dermatology, vascular surgery, general surgery, ENT, veterinary and paediatrics.

Having more than 200 suppliers in over 50 countries means Doctors Orders is able to access an enormous product range with prompt delivery for our customer, regardless of your location and with no limitation on quantity.

And working closely with GIMA SpA, one of the top medical products distributors in the world, ensures that we can pass on the benefits of enormous purchasing power, razor-sharp prices and unsurpassed professional service to you.

About Us

James, Paul, and Danny

Our Team

Our Team are dedicated to assisting our clients in the most efficient way possible. We are on hand to manage your orders, ensure you get the very best deal, and most importantly, to guarantee the products you purchase are of the highest quality. If you have any queries, or would like to check availability, please do get in touch using the information at the bottom of this page.


If you wish to contact Doctors Orders Ltd by post, please do so using the address below. Please note, our Registered Office is not accessible to customers.

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Registered Office (not accessible to customers)

27 Kirkcroft Lane, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1BS